Fedde Le Grand – Like We Do


We all remember peppy electro stylings of Fedde Le Grand right? His house number Put Your Hands Up For Detroit is still ringing in our ears. The Dutch Dj/producer is back with his new single ‘Like We Do’ on Darklight Recordings. We think it could easily become a summer anthem for 2019. The video barely gives it away.

‘Like We Do’ is a slippy electro-house tune that’ll get you humming along and tapping your foot to it. It is much like any other exciting track from the producer that falls under the umbrella of this sub genre of house music. The tension rises and falls with a signature Fedde Le Grand drop as the bassline becomes heavier and the song glides through like a seamless tune. The digitized vocals add a futuristic touch to the track and may remotely remind some of the vocals used by Daft Punk back in the day.

Fedde has been a constant in the house music charts around the globe. We think his fans will enjoy his latest work. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think.