Galaxy Fold Launch Date May Be Pushed Back to July


The Galaxy Fold, arguably one of the most futuristic smartphones we’ve seen, has had a difficult time making it to the public. After missing its initial release back in April due to hardware issues, we hadn’t heard an update on the device.

The Fold previously required some major fixes to its complex display. Some units had faulty screens while others malfunctioned when debris got under the display. We were originally supposed to have a new release date in the coming weeks, but there looks to be further delay.

Several anonymous sources have told The Korea Herald and Yonhap News that the Fold’s hardware is taking longer than expected to fix. With this, we might not see the Fold release to the public till July or later of this year. While the release date is much later than expected, it sounds much more realistic than the previous launch date.

On the other hand, Samsung competitor Huawei is reportedly unable to release their foldable Mate X due to logistics with the USA. This may give Samsung some extra time to finally perfect their product.

All in all, the Galaxy Fold is still in the works and has not been forgotten. Those that pre-ordered the nearly-$2,000 device can still get a refund. In fact, last week, Best Buy allegedly canceled Fold pre-orders due to the lack of an updated release date. Perhaps Samsung should have taken the necessary time to perfect the Fold the first time around, rather than rushing to be first to the game.

Stay tuned for updates!