Instagram To Hide “Likes” From Canadian Users


instagram¬†As rumored, Instagram will be starting to roll out new updates that will hide posts “like” counts. The newest update to hit Canada will likely release next week. Included in the test, Instagram will remove the total number of likes from both photos and videos on users feed, profiles, and permalink pages. While the original poster will still be able to see how many people like a specific post those that follow will not.

Instagram is stepping in the right direction by shifting the companies ideas to be about positivity. Rather than focusing on numbers and people the social media site is making sure the content is the focus. Mental health is a big issue nowadays and it’s good to see that a company is prioritizing how people are experiencing their site.

There is no news on whether or not this update will roll out to the rest of the world. Depending on the feedback Instagram gets with this “trial” run we may see this update sooner rather than later. After all, it seems that by focusing on good interactions and limiting the idea of influencers or viral posts social media will be a place about sharing not competing.

With Instagram starting to make a change that will lead to a new direction, how will this impact mental health? By removing “likes” will paid posts be a thing of the past and will influencers die out?