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Maceo Plex – When The Lights Are Out (Original Mix)

Oh baby, Maceo Plex just released a new track titled, ‘When the Lights Are Out‘. For all you techno fiends out there, this one is soothing, sultry, and so great.

The track is just over seven minutes long and starts off with some bells tinkling and a drum beat. A droning bass, malfunctioning robotics and a whipping synthetic drum pattern interject as the song progresses into a deep house/techno groove. That heavenly sound in the background is accompanied by diva vocals so sweet, it’ll make your neck crawl with chills. Make no mistake, this one will keep you dancing and guessing from beginning to end.

Eric Estornel has a lot of monikers, but as a techno titan, he plays as Maceo Plex. This is a rich, dynamic production–he uniquely blends house, techno, funk, and abstract electro. Only he can do this best and his Spanish influences show in this piece as well through small phrases in the background space.

Holding strong to his quest for the future of dance, this production is innovative in his dark house sound as well. Do you prefer his “other worldly” compositions as Maetrik, his alien sounding electro as Mariel Ito, or his soulful techno music as Maceo Plex?

Eric always puts his blood, sweat, and tears into everything he does. He disregards trends and smashes genre boundaries. We’ve seen how he can be quite the crowd favorite. He’s stayed true to what comes from his heart or sometimes chaotic mind. A veteran, talented, and ambitious producer, he is someone we can all get behind.

If you have never heard of him, now is your chance. Listen to the video below and see what we mean. What do you guys think? Track of the summer?

Maceo Plex – When The Lights Are Out (Original Mix) | Buy/Stream
Nina Chiang
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