Madeon Excites Fans With New Profile Photos

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Social media allows for close fan to artist interaction, and also serves as its own news and announcement platform. In the year 2019, a news headline “artist changes profile picture on social media” begs the question, “What do they have in the works?”. Often, when an artist chooses a new profile picture, it can signify an upcoming change. The other day, Madeon changed his profile photos on his social platforms.

The picture is not completely new – in fact, it has been his profile photo since 2017. The new version of the photo appears to be a color-inverted copy of the original, with an iridescent and metallic hue. Check out it right here.

Madeon’s debut album Adventure (2015) and his collaboration ‘Shelter’ (2016) with Porter Robinson is his most recent work. He is not particularly active on his social profiles, making this photo change even more noticeable and anticipatory for fans.

Stay tuned for updates on Madeon and what he may be up to!