Major Lazer Last Album is Coming – First Song is Released

major lazer
An End of an Era for Major Lazer

As Diplo explained in September last year, the end of Major Lazer is near. In speaking with Complex, he had said that this year is going to mark their last album. With a lot of stuff happening between then and now, here is their first song of their last album titled ‘Can’t Take It From Me‘.

The song features Skip Marley and is a sunny track with soulful lyrics that will let us remember them for years to come. Their reggae house/dancehall style is unique and something we’ve all enjoyed and appreciated through time with them. Nitti Gritti co-wrote and co-produced this single. It demonstrates the same qualities of any great Major Lazer tune. Marley’s soft and easy voice couples with the signature anthemic horns and a delectable melody. Bounce along to this one!

In the time we’ve known them, we’ve gotten a full album from LSD, Diplo popping into places solo and also going country. There’s been house EPs and international EPs focusing on African artists and beats. As they venture into their fourth and final album, it’s been a real journey to say the least.

We’re almost halfway through the year, which means we can still expect a lot more of their works till. Their album doesn’t drop until later this year so don’t say goodbye yet.

Thinking back to their carnival-like performances and eclectic style of music, they truly drew in a huge crowd. They’ve earned record streaming numbers for their tracks and have kept us on our toes at festivals. All their collaborations with other artists brought special connections into their music and productions. We’re proud of what they have accomplished and what they’ve brought to the electronic dance music world.

Listen to their newest track below and let us know your thoughts!