Martin Garrix Injures Ankle During Omnia Set, Leaves in an Ambulance


Martin Garrix suffered an ankle injury Saturday night while performing at his Omnia Las Vegas residency. Martin being the champ he is tried to push through the pain & keep the music rolling but cut the set short when he realized his injury actually needs proper medical attention.

As we can see from the videos he hurt his ankle while jumping off the stage. Martin rather resourcefully turned to hop on one foot for the rest of his set. But In the end, he had to give in to the pain and he was taken to the hospital. Major props to him nonetheless for not wanting to disappoint his fans & to keep the music rolling.

In the footage below, you can see Martins badly swollen foot after the accident. He also made a short video clip during the ambulance ride, despite the serious nature of his injury, he still remained his usual cheerful self.

From everyone here at EDMTunes get well soon Martin Garrix!

Photo Credit RUKES