Miami Commissioners Schedule Meeting to Discuss Ultra Again


Well, well well. It appears Miami and Ultra Music Festival aren’t completely done with each other yet. As we posited before, it’s entirely possible that Ultra’s highly publicized breakup letter with the City of Miami was a case of Art of the Deal. Rather than let Miami dictate all of the terms and continue to treat Ultra so harshly, Ultra snatched the upper hand by making a big splash in cancelling the deal.

After the massive outcry from fans and the business community, perhaps Miami might be rethinking their moves after realizing how much money they stand to lose.

On Tuesday, Miami’s website posted notice of a Sunshine Meeting for May 21 between 2 or more City Commissioners regarding Ultra Music Festival and City Bond Issues. It’s unclear at this point whether any representatives from Ultra will be in attendance or what this meeting is actually about. While it might be to discuss a new deal, it might very well just be a meeting to discuss issues raised in the previous meeting. There was discussion concerning the money paid by Ultra for the 2018 Edition and how it was to be used by the City to fund projects on Virginia Key or elsewhere. There was also discussion concerning how to fund the African American History Museum project without Ultra, so perhaps it relates to that. At this point we don’t know, but you can go ahead and cross those fingers. We’ll keep you posted.