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Mikey Lion – Live at Desert Hearts 2019

This year’s Desert Hearts Festival came and went in the blink of an eye. And as always, the ringleader of this incredible festival (and record label) Mikey Lion played the Saturday sunset set to an incredibly lively, loving crowd.

Each of the incredible sets from this event each year are teased out over weeks and months, but we got lucky this time! Mikey’s set was just released to the public, both in audio streaming *and* in a fantastic livestream from the festival as it happened live.

The livestream truly takes us back – feeling the last moments of sunlight before it fell behind the mountains, approaching the dusk and movement into darkness as Mikey’s infectiously fun beats carried us into the night.

I’ve always been a fan of Mikey’s music, but even then, I was pleasantly surprised by his set this year. It strayed from the notorious Desert Hearts party tech vibe and instead drove into a groovier, more melodic vibe. The Four Tet feature was a powerful moment, too—it takes a lot of skill to be able to seamlessly intermix such a significant track, and it brought an infallible amount of smiles and feels to the dancefloor.

And in case you want to relive the glorious weekend, you can read our review here.

Listen to the stream below!

Mikey Lion – Live at Desert Hearts 2019

Torie Richardson
Torie Richardson
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