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Prague Becomes First EU City To Ban Plastic Ware At Festivals

Earth Day has come and gone, but the efforts to be better to the environment have not stopped. Prague is joining the cause! As the first city to ban plasticware starting May 1, the city is tired of the significant amount of litter produced by society. They are pushing for a clean-up. The capital of the Czech Republic is testing an outlaw on plastic cups at music festivals. Hopefully, this corrects the severe trash problem.

An official from City Hall stated that they would like Prague to become more environmentally friendly. Reducing the use of disposable plastics is a start, and the most effective means of fighting for clean oceans and nature. Given the picture above, I think we can all agree that cleaning up after a festival is no easy task.

“I hope that Prague will not remain alone and inspire other organizers and operators,” Třeštíková, of city hall

There will be a ban on plastics including cups, food and beverage containers, and plastic cutlery (such as forks, spoons, and knives).

While rap and pop music festivals are under fire at the moment, this law will monitor all genres. The most popular music genres can help push the green idea further as dedicated fans attend throughout the year. Even other artistic events are being asked to adhere to this new law. No plastics can be used while painting, acting, or dancing.

Is there an alternative to plastic at at festivals?

There is some intent, but questionable foresight as city officials direct event organizers in using reusable resources. This includes glassware, porcelain, metal, or wooden items in place of plastics.

The problem with this solution is tricky, though. Intoxication levels at such events vary, which brings up safety concerns with people having such items at their leisure.  Glassware and metals are particularly dangerous, if thrown or projected. While it is the thought that counts, this could present new welfare risks.

In the words of Lil Dicky, “We love the Earth, it is our planet, it is our home.” Let’s follow Prague in saving our planet.

Nina Chiang
Nina Chiang
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