Slander & Said The Sky – Potions (Official Video Premiere)


Slander & Said The Sky are finally dropping their official video for their latest hit ‘Potions’. After giving us a taste during his live performance at Beyond Wonderland 2019, Said The Sky left fans only craving for more. With his known melodic driven flow, the sad boy maestro knocks out another one for the books.

Fans wanted the official song to drop, so they had to let him know personally.

If you ever had the one that “got away”, ‘Potions’ will take you back to that wistful time. You’ll immediately remember where you thought you found “the one”, but wasn’t quite it.

Now, the hard hitting duo Slander collaborated with Said The Sky to deliver a heartfelt song we didn’t know we needed. The duo, best known for their hit, ‘Superhuman – ft. Eric Leva’, which put us right in the “feels” showed they can expand their sound into Said The Sky’s realm.

Said The Sky & Slander @ Crush AZ Feb 15, 2019

As if we couldn’t get enough with both Slander and Said The Sky, they teamed up with the indie pop artist, JT Roach. JT Roach is known for his angelic, soft-spoken voice in his song ‘Symmetry ft. Emily Warren’. This team is truly a match made in heaven; like a beautiful amalgam. Check below for the official music video premiere.

‘SLANDER & Said The Sky – Potions [Official Music Video] (ft. JT Roach)’