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Steve Aoki Introduces ‘Aoki Bootcamp’ Workout App

It’s no secret that Steve Aoki is a hardworking DJ. That ethic also seeps into other facets of his life. He takes fitness to heart, making sure he pays his dues to health considering how busy his life usually is. Aoki even stepped into a ring with Laidback Luke to shoot a video for their collaboration ‘It’s Time‘.

In a recent announcement, the DJ revealed his intent to move into the fitness business. With that recognition, ‘Aoki Bootcamp‘ can now be found on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

“I’m the kind of guy who will work out wherever I am, whether I’m in the green room or backstage at a festival or in my hotel room. I’d been putting my workout on social media and people would come up to me and I thought that I really wanted to bring this out so people can join in.”                  -Steve Aoki

Workout routines are accessible, requiring nothing more than time and effort since no equipment is necessary. Aoki Bootcamp is subscription based, costing $12.99 per month, or $99.99 annually.

Husam Alzgheibi
Writer & Editor | Concordia University student | Interned at the Sound and Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute in Amman, Jordan. Email: husamzughaibi1@gmail.com
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