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Teknival Attendees Treated for Hypothermia as Severe Weather Hits

Around 30 people at Teknival in the Creuse region of France, were treated for hypothermia after severe weather rolled in. The techno festival attracted about 10,000 people, most of whom did not bring acceptable clothing for such weather. On Saturday night, the temperature plunged to a freezing -3C (27F). Additionally, heavy snow blanketed the area, making rescue attempts even more challenging.

Attendees were not expecting such extreme weather, as the temperature this time of year stays around 12C (53.6F). Luckily, the Red Cross was able to perform aide on the hill but two attendees had to be taken to the hospital. With people not dressed for the extreme temperatures, they were highly susceptible to hypothermia. If responders had not arrived with blankets and a heated tent, several lives could have been lost.

To make matters worse, the event – which took place on top of a military-owned hill – was unauthorized. The location of Teknival changes each year, with many of the past locations held on private property as well. In fact, it’s reported that French authorities were working to prevent this years festival from taking place. Several trucks transporting sound equipment were supposedly stopped from entering the site just days before the event.

Now that everyone has been successfully rescued, the French military, who owns the property, has filed an official complaint. Honestly, the festival coordinators were lucky no one lost their life and that responders arrived as quickly as they had. We hope that everyone who was affected makes a quick and full recovery.

Austin Rasmussen
Film Production student in Los Angeles, CA. Lover of lasers, great music, and traveling!
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