The Dance Community Reacts to Ultra’s Decision to Relocate


Ultra Community Mourns News of RelocationYesterday, we broke the news that Ultra would not be returning to Virginia Key, Miami. We knew it was a possibility, yet no one thought it would actually end this way. For twenty-one years Miami has been home to Ultra and it’s given us some of the biggest moments in dance music history. What will happen to Miami Music Week? The dance community has been reacting all over social media and many are as devastated as we are.

Many on Twitter were torn by Miami’s decision to turn its back on the iconic music festival. And others submitted their guesses for the new location, which Ultra revealed would be released soon.


Facebook Didn’t Hold Back Either

What a shame ? I personally loved how they setup the festival on Virginia Key, especially the resistance part of the island. It was creative, with lots of space to move around. Was hoping to see what a full year of planning would have led to, for next year.

What’s the point of living downtown if you don’t want noise…stay in the suburbs if you want quiet, amargados.

Yea keep complaining about spring break too and no one will come for spring break either. Miami city is dying. When it goes bankrupt and tourists won’t come here everyone will be crying. Miami is all about tourism and the party life. If that dies Miami dies with it. NOBODY is coming to Miami to stay at our overpriced hotels and restaurants just to go swim at the beach. For that their probably save and go to Hawaii or the Bahamas.”

People move here for the things that make Miami what it is. Then they do everything they can to get rid of those things. Assholes.

End of an Era

All the dance community can do now is reminisce on the good times and wait. Wait for the news and hope the legend continues.