Throttle & Tony Romera – Darlin


Throttle Darlin Throttle & Tony Romera – Darlin

Ever heard of Throttle? You’ll want to remember this 21 year old Australian producer, as he’s becoming one of the hottest names in house music. This collaboration with Tony Romera title ‘Darlin‘ is every rooftop bar’s dream track.

It starts off with a groovy bass line accompanied with a hi-hat every other beat. Then that sexy deep house synth comes in introducing the melody. The words “It’s on, Darlin'” resound throughout the piece. This piece will keep you dancing from beginning to end. Every release of his is astounding–that disco house/dirty disco style is everything!

Having been discovered by Avicii and toured with Oliver Heldens, this Aussie is starting off his career strong. With official remixes of Ed Sheeran, Galantis, and performing at Tomorrowland before the age of 21, it’s no wonder Robbie Bergin is a force to be reckoned with. He blends organic and electronic sounds while adding his own unique stamp to his productions. This kid is about what’s cool and doesn’t follow the latest trend.

At a young age, he fell in love with music.

“My music is disco for 2016. There are influences of everything in it: ’60s, ’70s, ’80s” -Throttle

He came up with his own genre of music that follows the groove and catchiness of disco. Mix that with the grit and toughness of the 2016 dance sound and you get him. Hilary Clinton approves his music and we may even see some live guitar action in the future. He’s got stellar remixes and stand out festival appearances in the US and Europe. Bergin is an exciting artist to watch, folks! He doesn’t take requests; he plays from the heart.

We can appreciate his musical styling in this electronic dance music scene and we cannot wait for more. Take a listen to his latest production below!

Throttle & Tony Romera – Darlin