[Watch] Deadmau5 & Martin Garrix Show Off New Bromance


When you hear Deadmau5 and Martin Garrix, you wouldn’t normally associate them as friends. It wasn’t too long ago that Joel trolled Garrix at Ultra. However, the mau5 posted a video that debunked that myth and it is truly so sweet. Recently, the two spent some time together in Vegas at Top Golf. Having both played EDC this month, below is a tidbit of their time recorded together.

Set to the most wholesome of songs, the Wii Sports theme, doesn’t this just make your heart flutter and your face droop in “Awws”? I think we can tell a bromance when we see one.

In its most unexpected way, this pairing seems to be getting along swimmingly. What better way to let off some steam or calm the nerves than a little bit of golf in the desert? The guys can be seen taking turns swinging and trying to see who can get the most points. Interjecting between smiles and laughs are various clips of famous golf players with their victory poses. You can see Garrix dancing and having a great time. You see Joel mentioning that “those long drive guys don’t f**k around”. I mean, we believe that. Driving in golf is no ordinary feat, let alone trying to beat your competition in the best way possible.

Could there be more videos of their bonding time we don’t know about it? Until we find out, check out Deadmau5 and Martin Garrix in the video below!

mcfly vs sucklord cc: Martin Garrix? Leah Sems

Posted by deadmau5 on Sunday, 26 May 2019