[Watch] Tiesto Drops First Remix Of Avicii’s ‘Tough Love’ At EDC Japan


It was only a matter of time before big name DJs would be remixing Avicii’s posthumous tracks. This past weekend at EDC Japan, Tiesto dropped his remix of ‘Tough Love.’ The crowd loved it, as it was a more dancey version of Avicii’s song.

Thanks to videos of EDC Japan attendees we were able to listen to the remix. The track starts out the same but has a completely different buildup. The drop takes all the similar sounds from the track but adds Tiesto’s signature sound on top.

One of the biggest questions coming into the festival season is who will be playing Avicii’s album? It’s obvious that you can’t just have a DJ play his music as a set. I think we got somewhat of an answer here. It seems producers will be adding their twist to his tracks and make sure his music lives on forever.

Check out Tiesto’s remix of Avicii’s ‘Tough Love’ below!