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Zhu Finds New Use for Old Festival Wristbands at EDCLV

Say goodbye to 100+ degree heat at night for EDCLV. Since moving to May, attendees have been experiencing all forms of weather during the festival.

This year, the event featured a few dust storms, high winds (which forced down certain stages on Day 2), and low temperatures in the 50s.

While many headliners went to the merchandise tent for extras layers, Zhu planned ahead and wore an extremely thick jacket.

However, this was not your ordinary faux fur jacket to block the winds. Back in March, the artist took to Instagram requesting any individual to send their past festival wristbands to a California location for a special project that he and Nightday Collection have been working on. Nightday works with Zhu to create a more higher-end merchandise collection for fans to purchase to support the DJ.

Many jumped at the opportunity to send their old wristbands for the chance to feel connected with Zhu.

The mysteriousness surrounding the project with Nightday prompted the artist to hold a merchandise popup shop before EDC began. It gave his fans a chance to see a sneak peek of what he’s been working on.

Zhu’s outfit has definitely grabbed attention since the festival has ended. You can also head to his site to see what else he has created.

It’s cool to see memories live on in other ways than just on a shelf or box. Check out the various bands below.

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