Axwell’s Special Message: Axtone Academy for Music Producers


“A message from the boss. 19th June 6 PM Stockholm time” was posted by Axtone Records today, following a video from Axwell announcing Axtone Academy. Axwell has been dominating the dance scene since the mid-2000s with his quintessential sounds and most notably, with Swedish House Mafia. Being a global dance icon, Axwell now offers his production expertise with Axtone Academy. Launching today, Axtone Academy is a complete music program that will help producers step up their music game. Axwell also notes that “the best students will be signed to Axtone.” Class is in session!

What You’ll Learn

Axtone Academy will incorporate a full 80-course program ranging from fundamentals of mixing/mastering, composition, synthesis, and harmonics. Since the program is fully on-demand, students can study at their own rhythm, and pace. Axtone Academy will also be suitable for “every kind of producer, from the rookie to the more advanced practitioner.” Joining headmaster Axwell on this program, different courses will be instructed by NEW_ID, Shapov, Mick Wilson (DJ Mag), and Alex Tripi (The ReLOUD/Mat Academy).

“I’ve been doing it for a while, so I’ve gathered a lot of experience and I want to share them with you in this Axtone Academy. All the technical bits about how I made that sound, how I did that sound, how I mix that thing. You can find here.”

Axwell in his Axtone Academy announcement video

Get Signed by Headmaster Axwell

Axel Christofer Hedfors, better known as Axwell, has been in the scene as a heavyweight contender for progressive house and his innovating sounds. He’s a man of many talents, from a Swedish DJ, producer, remixer, and owner of Axtone Records. Axwell has won two DJ awards and has been a five-time Grammy nominee. With his expertise in music production, Axtone Academy is definitely a fresh, new, exciting ‘masterclass’ that is certain to spark a lot of interest.

“You can find here, and a lot of advice along the way that I’ve learned about mistakes I made. Things to think about when writing a sound. We have a lot of other experienced teachers that’s gonna give you great tools for stepping up your music game. Send me a song that I can’t wait to play out and sign you to Axtone!”

“Learn from the boss, Work with the team, Join the family” HERE.