Bassnectar Secures A Venue For Denver Freestyle Sessions


Bassnectar announced on June 8th that the venue for Denver’s Freestyle Sessions the First Bank Center, was closed due to systems malfunction. The bass gods have spoken and Bassnectar will still be performing.

Bassnectar’s fans speculated that the malfunction may have came from performing there before and destroying the systems. Bassnectar reassured the fan that it wasn’t a problem before and that his team were on the move to find a new venue.

Some fans worried for the worse and asked if refunds were an option:

Some were optimistic and hoping for the best:

Furthermore, Bassnectar took on twitter to reassure that he was dedicated to make things right with his fan; he was going to do whatever he could to make this show happen:

Bassnectar even dealt with fake news as some reported that it was the Denver Police who canceled the show:


In addition, Bassnectar and his team managed to find a venue for his Freestyle Sessions. In just 3hrs his team worked endlessly to rescue the show and will be live at the Denver Coliseum.

Although, he may have not been able to perform his planned Freestyle Sessions set on yesterday’s show he assured his fans that tonight’s was not going to only be just a show, but rather a “huge alter of sound and space”.

Tomorrow night we are bringing that vision to life: this will not be a show nor a performance, rather just a huge alter of sound and space for you to swim around inside of it with your friends and family. Likely no video or lights, we are just going to go deep deep deep…


Lastly, to sweeten the deal he will be releasing his DreamTempo Mixtape 20th anniversary early. Today? Hopefully *fingers crossed.*