Billboard Introduces New Top Songwriter & Producer Charts


Billboard is bringing a monumental change to its rankings next Saturday, June 15th. The American entertainment media brand is introducing two new charts. “Top Songwriters” and “Top Producers” aim to highlight top creators across genres. They will pull data from weekly activity on the Billboard Hot 100, and key statistics like airplay, sales, and streaming.

The new Top 10 rankings will be showcased weekly, which is a huge shift for the platform. These charts are historically shared at the end of the year, or on special occasions. If you’ve subscribed to Billboard’s email blasts, you can expect an email on June 13, 2019 with more details.

The SVP of Charts and Data Development, Silvio Pietroluongo, explained:

“We’re extremely excited to acknowledge the top creative forces behind music’s biggest hits on a weekly basis… A songwriter or producer’s influence and importance within the industry and beyond certainly merits recognition beyond our yearly rankings.”

Richard Stumpf, the founder and CEO of Atlas Music, confirmed:

“Anytime a light is shone upon the songwriters and producers who are the backbone of the industry, it’s a very good thing. What Billboard is doing ties together with the digital services starting to show songwriter credits, so all of this is going the right way in helping the music fans become aware of the songwriters and the role they play.”