What Do You Think of Bonnaroo’s New Squ-arch?

Courtesy of Annabel Lukins

Looks like Bonnaroo is trying new things this year. Revealed on Facebook via The Festive Owl, the music and arts festival have created a square arch (or squ-arch?) entrance. It’s not the beautiful rainbow shape we expected, so what do we think of it?

Due to significant structural issues, the previous entranceway was dismantled and burned. This new design took its place. It is a giant square that is LED animated and it is definitely turning some heads. Frequent attendees have been sad to see the old arch go but others look forward to the new.

Ready, Set, Go!

Starting today, the four day event takes place at Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee. Looks like all tickets sold out so for anyone attending, be sure to send pictures of your thoughts on their latest display. With the weather being so temperamental for past festivals, we can appreciate the effort in trying to make things more safe.

Grand Old Opry, Phish, Childish Gambino, Solange, Griz, RL Grime, Brockhampton and the Avett Brothers headline this weekend. Joining them is Post Malone, Odesza, The Lonely Island, Zhu, and so much more!

If you’ve never been, there is a multitude of ways to experience this. Indulge in the music and entertainment or engage in the camping, plazas, and activities. Take your taste buds up with next level eats or dirty your hands with some art and creativity. The festival is eco-friendly and wants to change the world so join them in their cause. It’s a nonstop adventure of discovery and human connection that lasts all night long, all weekend long.

Even though it looks like a Tetris piece or a billboard, the changing of Roo is for the safety of its dedicated vet-a-Roos. We get that it is a little disappointing, but let’s not let it deter you from experiencing the rest of the amazing aspects waiting.