Diplo Sets the Record Straight on Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner Wedding


Congratulations are in order for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. They tied the knot in Vegas, and thanks to Diplo, had the whole thing live-streamed. However, that notion turned into a slight media crisis as the couple and producer went back and forth. Here to set the record straight is the Diplodocus himself.

What Exactly Happened?

On June 3, Ryan Seacrest opened the gates for the three-time Grammy winner to dispense on what happened. Is Joe Jonas actually mad at Wes for live-streaming his surprise Las Vegas wedding to the Queen of the North? Well, with a new Jonas Brothers track on the way, we hope it was all in good fun.

After the live-stream, Joe poked fun at Diplo being caught up in IG way more than a 13-year-old. Wes refuted saying Jonas’s “fit” ruined the wedding. In its entirety, the spontaneous ceremony led him to believe it wasn’t anything serious. Seems like miscommunication on everyone’s part, as Jonas later apologized for how blown up things got.

I didn’t know it was a serious wedding. I was hanging out with [Joe Jonas] after the Billboard Awards… and I was, like, ‘This is crazy. Let me record this.’ And there was mad people with cameras! I didn’t know I was, like, the only person recording this thing. – Diplo

It has been made clear that there is no bad blood between the two. England may love the drama, but we can still expect that collaboration between the JoBros and Diplo. Wes roamed all around with country music and other weird shenanigans. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Catch the latest in their drama with the On Air with Ryan Seacrest video below. We may never recover from the last season of Game of Thrones. But we can rest in peace knowing that the beef between these three is settled.