WARNING to Electric Forest Attendees: Don’t Get Kidnapped By A Cult


Electric Forest is just a couple of days away, but a viral Facebook post has emerged warning attendees, “DON’T GET ON THE BIG RED BUS!” The message went viral earlier this week with over 6,000 shares and continues to rise. Apparently, this bus belongs to a religious cult group mentioned as, Twelve Tribes. Whether or not these are true facts, the mystery of the man who went missing (Kevin Graves) last year at E-Forest, still remains unsolved. Many believe and hope that he’s still out there, perhaps he may have gotten on the wrong bus. Read the post below.

Friends going to Forest this weekend, DON'T GET ON THE BIG RED BUS. I just read some disturbing stuff on a post in…

Posted by David Schunemann on Monday, June 24, 2019

In the post, a double-decker red tour bus that looks like something out of a horror movie is featured as the “Peacemaker” with New Hampshire license plates. According to the OP, members of the cult group within this bus will “drug/sedate” people and kidnap them. There are over fifty comments on the post that confirm past sightings of the bus at Electric Forest. There are other reports that claim there’s nothing to fear, that the Twelve Tribes religious group do not carry ill-intentions and prefer to live off the grid with an Amish way of life. One comment states, “People don’t disappear, they just find another way to live.” Regardless of what’s true or not, a majority of people are already making sure to stay away from the big red bus like hellfire.

2 years ago to the day they were on lot at Citi Field, I was totally fucking with one of them as he tried to give me their speil: They go for lost spunions on lot they think will be easy prey. 12 Tribes have been doing this since the ’70s, and there are SEVERAL Peacemaker busses, not just this red one. DON’T EAT THE COOKIES THEY OFFER.

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Cult AF. If you ever see that bus slash their tires. Not welcome on lot.

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Seen this bus at forest before, wicked sketch

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Exterior of the Peacemaker Bus
Inside the Peacemaker Bus

Search Effort for Kevin Graves

While it’s up to festival-goers on whether or not to board this bus if they see it, Kevin Graves who went missing at Electric Forest last year still remains missing.

“Anyone who has seen or heard from Kevin Graves, or has tips as to his whereabouts, may contact Oakland County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Bach, 248-858-4950. Reference case No. 18-124834. There is also a Facebook page, Help us find Kevin Graves, created by relatives to gather and share information about his disappearance. There is a $5,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.”