Eric Prydz Teases EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE


There’s no question, in anyone’s mind, that Eric Prydz is cooking up something truly EPIC, no pun intended! The Swedish legend’s EPIC shows are always captivating for the audience, and fans love to see how the incredible technology advances with each iteration.

Today Eric revealed that his new HOLOSPHERE show debuting at Tomorrowland is in fact EPIC 6.0 as well. We last saw EPIC 5.0 at Creamfields 2 years ago. Since then Eric has been focusing on his sized down HOLO shows.

In addition to revealing EPIC 6.0, Eric uploaded a preview to his social media channels to tease the incredible design for this new hologram stage. If you watch the preview, you will be completely blown away by the visuals and amount of details that’s been poured into this impressive undertaking.

It’s truly unbelievable to see how far his technology has come. We’re counting our blessings to live in a world where witnessing something this magical is possible.

Check It out Below: