Fatboy Slim Has Scored a Film On The History Of Ibiza

Fatboy Slim

Norman Cook – better known by his stage name Fatboy Slim – has created the soundtrack for a new silent film about the 2,000-year history of Dance Music’s most iconic location, Ibiza

Directed by Julien Temple,Ibiza – The Silent Movie” stars several Ibiza legends as various ‘gods and goddesses‘ who played an important role throughout its history. Mark Berry (Bez) of Happy Mondays will be “Bes the Phoenician God of music and dance”, Manumission’s Clare Davies stars as ‘Tanit”, and Chas Smash from Madness plays “Raoul Hausmann“, the influential Dada artist and writer’.

In a press release Fatboy Slim talked about the project,

“Julien showed me what was beneath the surface, beneath that rich ochre earth. There are stories you wouldn’t believe: Phoenicians, Romans, Beatniks, even Nazis all dancing to the unique rhythm of a magic island…and how do you tell the story of one of the most colourful and unique islands on this planet? The answer is chew up the rule book, spit it out and set the resulting chaos to the most eclectic and evocative music the Island’s history has to offer.”

The director Julien Temple describes the film as,

“A story of peace, sensuality, spirituality, ancient ways of life and new ways of living interwoven with tales of brutal occupation, a spirit of tolerance and acceptance of others and the lives of many colourful characters, irresistibly drawn to Ibiza and the fight for the very soul of the Island.”

The film will debut on June 26th at cinemas across the UK. In the meantime, check out the trailer for it below and while you’re at it check out this blistering remix of one of Fatboy Slims most iconic songs here.