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Flume Features London Grammar on ‘Let You Know’

Flume doesn’t fail to pull through with the release of ‘Let You Know‘ featuring London Grammar. The announcement dated a couple of days back greeted us with London Grammar as a collaborator. The artist seems to be gearing up for a grander year considering the release of ‘Hi This Is Flume‘. Onward, fans were assured that more music is down the pipeline after ‘Friends‘ featuring Reo Cragun was casually announced.

‘Let You Know’ entertains the vocalist’s capability by allowing it to shine atop the bottoming bass. Furthering, short and snappy percussion strikes brush the track. Flume’s sprays his signature all over the track which glistens as it bridges. Soon after the introductory phase, the production pulls its punches with a metallic and choir-esque stab. Building upon the track’s audio reduction, a pitched and sharp synth lead overpowers. Moreover, the song retains its essence as it drives further leading into a bridge variation. As a result, a pulsing deep rhythm pushes into a stripped version of the bridge. Coming to its conclusion, the chorus brings forth a defined and hushed synth with a resonant metallic property to it.

Catch Flume performing in an area near you here. Listen to Flume’s ‘Let You Know’ featuring London Grammar below!

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