FuntCase x Flakzz Drops New Single- Get Em


James Hazell a.k.a, the man, the myth, the legend; FuntCase. With his latest collaboration with Flakzz, has blessed us once again with heavy “wubs” with their new single ‘Get Em‘.

Known as one of the pioneers in dubstep, you can expect nothing but greatness. Reigning down from, Bournemouth, England, FuntCase has been dropping bombs since 2007. Formally known as DJ Dose, when he was primarily a DnB artist, he switched his alias to Funtcase in 2009.

Furthermore, this song couldn’t have been the hit it is without the contribution of Flakzz himself; an up-and-coming artist under the Circus label.

Flakzz, was excited to announce their first teaser of the single during FuntCase’s closing EDCLV2019 set at the BassPod.

FuntCase himself was excited to tease his fans with the new song:

It is always great to see artist collaborate and create art, especially the way FuntCase does; diverse, fresh, and eclectic. One can hope to see more of Flakzz and hopefully more FuntCase collabs. But enough about them, let’s talk ‘Get Em’.

They start off slow and introduce us with a light and playful melody at 0:27. Then begin to build up at 0:53, finally after keeping us anticipating drop the beat at 1:06. The older 2008 dubstep feel with a hint of riddim feels like we are getting the best of both worlds. The melodic driven tune is giving us energy and we are so for it.

Check out their new single, ‘Get Em’: