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Hot Since 82 – You Are The Light

One of the hottest current artists in the deep and tech house genres is the aptly named Hot Since 82. His latest track ‘You Are The Light‘ is out now on Knee Deep In Sound—a label he founded back in 2011.

For those of us who only know him by his stage name, Hot Since 82’s real name is Daley Padley. He hails from Yorkshire, England. Padley has achieved a remarkable amount of success under the name with his energetic tunes. They hold a touch of drama, yet are smooth and not overproduced. They’re perfectly tailored for clubs and festivals.

You Are The Light‘ is a production that is very close to his heart, as he described in a recent Instagram post. The tune has a brilliantly smooth vibe to it, emanating his signature style we all know and love. The slick bassline and the kick drums are coupled together beautifully with the soothing vocals of Jem Cooke. The tune takes a proper bouncy turn midway through and smoothly makes its way to the ending with a transitional masterclass.

Listen to the track below and let us know how you feel about it.

Hot Since 82 – You Are The Light

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