Kaskade & Meghan Trainor – With You


Kaskade & Meghan Trainor – With You

Kaskade has entered the Pop-EDM world once again. In a collaboration with Meghan Trainor, ‘With You,’ is a fun track you will be playing all Summer long. It marks the first time these two artists have worked together. It also is Meghan Trainor’s first step into the dance music realm.

The song begins with Meghan’s exceptional vocals. She sings about wasting her time with a lover. It’s clear this other person isn’t paying her enough attention. As the song progresses Kaskade gets his opportunity to display his magical powers. We are finally brought into the energetic drop that sends us into a spiral of happiness.

After this track, we hope these two can link up once again. Kaskade has always flexed his ability to produce multiple genres of EDM. He is currently on tour which you can see by clicking here.

You have to check out ‘With You’ below!