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Lane 8 Creates a New Way to Connect With His Fans

Daniel Goldstein, better known as Lane 8, has been changing the way fans enjoy his shows since 2017. Also in 2017, he announced his notorious ‘This Never Happened‘ label.

However, Lane 8 put out a compelling message shortly after his label announcement. In the past, when fans attended his shows, security would take each attendee’s phone and use a sticker to cover the phone’s camera.

By enforcing this, Lane 8’s mission was to encourage his fans, and others, to put away their phones during the show and focus on the music, experience, and be present in the moment. This plan made its rounds on the Internet and was widely accepted by many.

Now, Lane 8 has announced his next plan for his fans to connect on a personal level. He has created a quarterly digital newsletter that his fans, who have supported him over the years or are interested in Lane’s 8 future happenings, that they will receive.

The newsletter will have exclusive content and news that hasn’t ‘happened’ anywhere else. He is hoping to connect more with his fans and finding a way to give a more wholesome ‘Thank you’ than he ever has before.

Another twist to his idea is that fans will also receive snail mail. Yes, you read that right. Opening your mailbox one day and seeing a personal letter from Lane 8. There will even be some physical gifts for some who sign up.

“Some of those who sign up will get an actual physical gift in the mail once a quarter. The gift will be exclusive to the fan club. Again it won’t be available anywhere else – not to buy or otherwise. It won’t be possible to mail everyone who signs up a gift each quarter, but we do have some genuinely awesome stuff planned! (including an exclusive vinyl of one of my favorite TNH releases).”

Make sure to sign up here for this exclusive club! And check out Lane 8’s upcoming shows on his website for his upcoming Summer Gathering shows. His performances are truly one of a kind.

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