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Largest Female Owned SF Club, Mezzanine, Needs Your Help to Fight Delay in Eviction

Ever been to the Mezzanine in San Francisco? It’s the largest women owned club that has supported acts like Galantis, Simon Patterson, and more. Now, they need your help in delaying their eviction.

Here’s What We Know

At the end of last year, the institution announced they would be shutting their doors the following year. Longtime building owners, The Chritton family, worked hard to extend their tenured lease. What more could they do to ease the closing? Well not much, since they reneged those agreements and the saga continues down a darker path.

A mailer from the Mezzanine camp dating back to November presented bleak news. The Chrittons tried to present a new lease with unknowingly unreachable terms. This past January, they reached out to the club owner, Deborah Jackman, for a Letter of Intent to extend their lease beyond eviction point.

“A letter of intent was sent to Mezzanine ensuring the venue would be given the extension they were hoping for, with the added possibility of …a newly promised closing date of January 31st, 2020″

The venue acted on good faith and continued booking events throughout Fall and Winter, waiting on their finalized fate. Although it has been a pillar of San Francisco nightlife and the Bay Area dance community since 2002.

Grimmer news followed on May 1 with the Chrittons pulling their end of the bargain out from Jackman. The club needed to be out of the building by October 2019, no rhyme or reason. This unexpected turn of events will greatly damage the financials to the already struggling venue. Needing to shut down and cancel all of its proposed events this year is a serious pitfall. For anyone that has ever supported the club, please support them in their fight to retain the original move-out date of January 2020!

More of this story may develop and we will continue to update you.

Nina Chiang
Music and dance feed my soul
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