Madeon Officially Announces Good Faith Tour!


Ushering in his ‘Good Faith‘ era, Hugo ‘Madeon’ Leclerq is presenting us with a tour after the release of ‘All My Friends‘. It’s set to kick off in Europe going from London to Amsterdam, only to land in Paris towards the end of September. In contrast, the North American side of the tour begins on the final days of October. This comes less than a week after his first performance of 2019 at Porter Robinson‘s Second Sky Festival. Regarding the set, Madeon tweeted out that he’ll be performing an ‘Adventure‘ era set which made the actual performance more surprising. Luckily for us, the recording alongside the tracklist can be found here.

Madeon colored his new set coating it with edits and IDs for your listening and viewing pleasure. Furthermore, if you want to hear the artist himself talk about this new era, listen here. As anticipation is building for whatever Good Faith turns out to be, Madeon is certainly not pulling back his punches.

On a final note, partaking in Second Sky, Madeon and other artists helped raise 150K. Hence, that amount of money is going to the Robinson Malawi fund which received massive support. If you’d like to donate, that option remains available on the website here.

For tickets to Madeon’s tour, go the Good Faith website linked here. If the news does not excite you enough, the tour is featuring a completely new live show!