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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Music Festivals With Your Family

I happen to have a pretty unique and fortunate life. I have a brother and sister who enjoy the same music as me and we all love to go to music festivals together. Now, while some may find this strange, we’ve embraced the weirdness. People find it hard to imagine. Many have asked, “you go to music festivals with your siblings?” I never hesitate to say yes and that I have the time of my life with them.

For a long time, our tastes in music were really different. That was until 2016 when I was able to convince them to attend a music festival with me while abroad. Though they were skeptical about attending a rave, they finally budged. I like to think it was the best decision the three of us have ever made. All we wanted to do from there on out was find the next best festival to go to.

Three years after our first event, EDM has evolved to be our favorite music genre and we’ve never been closer. Although asking your family members to go to a music festival might be outside of your comfort zone, I urge you to try it. Spending quality time with your siblings may create a friendship you never knew could exist.

Here are the 5 best reasons why you should attend music festivals with your family:

1. It will make you closer

This is by far the best reason, especially if you’re not close with your siblings. Attending a music festival will undoubtedly make you closer with your family members, mostly because you will finally be able to share one commonality (if you don’t already.)

If you aren’t close with your siblings/cousins, this is a great opportunity to take a step in a new direction. You will be together for an entire weekend and live it up! A week rarely goes by where I don’t send new music to my siblings and vice versa. We’re always searching for the best new songs and artists. This allows us to always have a conversation available, which, hopefully, leads to more deep and personal conversations.

2. It’s a memory you will share forever

EDC Las Vegas is a festival my siblings and I will talk about forever. It was the first truly massive festival we attended, and our memories from EDC will last a lifetime. If you’ve ever been to a large festival like EDC, you know that there are always tons of stories you’ll walk away with. Inviting your family gives you a chance to make memories that you can share for generations. Imagine in a few decades being able to talk about all the fun times you created with your family.

3. You can make your actual fam your rave fam

Many consider their rave fam to be actual family. This is because they share so many incredible moments together and experience all life has to offer. Going to festivals gives you the opportunity to spend 3-4 days together listening to some awesome music. Trust and respect are usually considered when establishing a rave fam. Hopefully, your family members check that off your list. Next time you’re considering seeing one of your favorite artists, reach out to a sibling to see if they’re interested. They may just be the perfect addition.

4. You get to travel

One of the best things about going to music festivals is the travel. They’re often located in a place you’ve never been. Hopping in a car and driving a few hours, or taking a flight to a popular destination, will allow you to experience a completely new environment. In your downtime, you can explore a new city, try different foods, and see all the tourist attractions before going back to dancing. In addition to deciding which sets to go to, you can spend some quality time planning out the rest of your trip with your family.

5. You will discover a new love for music 

The great part about music festivals is that no matter what genre of music you like, you have the opportunity to listen to pretty much all of them. I have always been more of a progressive/electro house fan myself, while my sister and brother like dubstep and trap. At first, we appeased each other and saw different artists. However, we eventually grew to like so many genres that we don’t care which stage we end up at.

Drew Barkin
Drew Barkin
Dance music is one of my biggest passions and I love to write about it. Feel free to email me any EDM-related news/music at I am based out of NY for event coverage too.
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