Study Finds 45% of People Believe You’re Never Too Old to Attend Raves


Ever wonder when it might be time to hang up the towel and retire from raving? TickPick, a ticketing platform from New York, found that the majority of people believe you never have to retire from the rave scene. TickPick did the hard work for us and surveyed 1,000 people of varying ages. Questions ranged from “What’s the prime age for every concert and night out”, to “When do people feel you’re simply too old to party?”

45% or nearly half of the surveyed users believed one was never too old to attend raves. Contrary, 65% thought you’re never too old to party. As far as the largest agreement, 89% believed one is never too old to attend small shows at local venues. Jazz music for example, has a wide audience, attracting party people as they got older.

The study did include key factors like aging and societal norms. As we get older, it may get more difficult to move, along with one’s ability to recover from late nights out and drinking. Furthermore, depending on where you’re from, your society may judge you if you’re that ‘one guy’ in your 40s-50s, still partying in clubs or bar hopping. Still, the choice is yours and you can stay in that scene as long as you wish!

Even though attending raves and parties with friends feels like the best time of your life, many older adults feel they prefer their current lives, once moved on. Around 86% of respondents preferred their current day to day life over their old partying days. It makes sense as dropping the party scene, usually leads to less drinking, which in turn, leads to greater mental and physical health.

Nonetheless, we hope everyone enjoys their raving days today, even if that last night out does arrive.