Now Ultra Europe May Switch Venues


After an unexpected last minute location change for Ultra Singapore just weeks ago, it looks as if Ultra Europe may face a similar issue. The summer festival takes place July 12-14 in the beautiful city of Split, Croatia. Since 2014, Ultra Europe has taken place in the massive Poljud Stadium but recent conversations show signs that the future of the festival will be elsewhere.

Radio Split announced late last week that the festival would likely be moved to the RNK Split stadium. Additionally, Ultra organizers have reportedly not been able to sign an agreement for Poljud Stadium, so alternative venues would be looked at to ensure the event would still happen.

“I believe we will have quality information next week… We are looking for a win-win situation in which everyone will be satisfied…”

Overall, the main conversation is between Hajduk, Split’s professional football team and Ultra. In previous years at Poljud Stadium, the thousands of Ultra festival goers, have left a toll on the grass field. By the end of the festival, the field was unusable for future games and would require about 2 million kuna to replace. Unfortunately, the new lawn failed to arrive on time last summer, resulting in lost revenue to the sports team. Who would agree to pay for the new field, Ultra or Hajduk?

Hajduk believed Ultra would take responsibility over the condition of the field and stadium. On the other hand, Ultra likely wanted to avoid paying millions for a new field every summer. Stay tuned, as an official statement on the future of Ultra Europe, will arrive sometime next week. All we can say for certain, is that Ultra will stay in Croatia this year.