Okeechobee Set to Return in 2020 & Already Facing Battles


2019 was a sad year for Okeechobee fans. After a late 2018 announcement, the music and arts festival did not return in 2019. The organizers did say that they were planning to return in March 2020. Fortunately, it has been confirmed by a variety of sources that Insomniac has purchased Okeechobee Festival. With Insomniac taking over, it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table.

For Insomniac, Okeechobee will be one of two festivals that they currently own in Florida. The first would be EDC Orlando which takes place in November.  Some worried fans have noted that this may lead to artist conflicts. While there have been no radius clause announcements, this likely won’t be an issue.

However, it appears that there is a rising concern due to a venue conflict. The Speckled Perch Festival and Spring PRCA Rodeo already have its dates set at the Sunshine Grove during the weekend Okeechobee would like to return in 2020. Hopefully, any issues will be sorted out so that the beloved festival can return.

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