Oliverse – Outerworld EP


Oliverse is a UK based producer and if you haven’t heard of him, now is the best time to get familiar with the name. In fact, he is releasing a new 5 track EP, titled Outerworld EP on Disciple Records today. On the whole, this EP is a breath of fresh air in the bass music scene. He combines elements from genres including melodic dubstep and house music to make versatile and unique tracks.

Here’s the tracklist in order:

  1. Oliverse – My Vibe
  2. Oliverse – Parachute
  3. Oliverse – Say Nothing
  4. Oliverse – Unspoken ft. Elle Exxe
  5. Oliverse – Outerworld (Outro)

The opening track, ‘My Vibe‘ features house music drum patterns and transitions into a heavy bass drop perfect for all of you fans that like both house and bass. The next track, ‘Parachute‘ is another heavy song that includes dreamy vocals. ‘Say Nothing‘ is a track that almost tricks the listeners. It starts out as a house music song, but then the buildup transitions it into some heavy bass music that will get you headbanging whenever you hear it. Following that track, ‘Unspoken‘ is the only song featuring another artist, Elle Exxe. Her uplifting vocals encompass the beautiful vibe of this track followed with a melodic dubstep drop that hits you right in the feels. The last song on the EP, ‘Outerworld (Outro)‘, is a continuation of the previous song. However, this song has no drops and is a cinematic ending for the entire EP.

You can listen to it on your favorite music platform or down below here: