Paris’ Well Known Nightclub Concrete Will Close Next Month


In 2012, Concrete in Paris opened its doors. The notable nightclub quickly became recognized as one of the venues to have revived the dance music scene in France’s capital.

After many successful years, and a long list of memorable parties, it has been reported that beloved nightclub will officially be closing its doors next month.

For several years now, the Port of the Rapée has been home to many. Back in May, Concrete was faced with a 15-day eviction notice, and a petition quickly followed in order to help protect the future of the club.

Although the attempt was well received, it was, unfortunately, not enough to help save Concrete’s future.

“Concrete is a dream we would have loved to continue building at the Port of the Rapée for a few more years,” the statement reads, “but the reasons you already know will force us to stop the adventure soon.” 

Concrete’s official statement.

Despite everyone’s efforts, the club’s organizers won’t be going without throwing one last series of parties! Mark your calendars, on Friday, July 19, 2019, to Sunday, July 21, 2019, the historic events will take place.

The lineup has yet to be confirmed, however, we can guarantee that these events will be epic, to say the least! RIP Concrete; you will be missed!

Official Press Statement Below:

For 8 years now, we have fought hard to get things done in Paris, to live our passion and to make live the many passionate people around us, be they barmen, artists, technicians, runners, safety or cleaning agents… 

It’s also been 8 years since we’ve been trying to build the best club possible, despite the heavy financial and administrative constraints, and we’re working hard to give you all the music and artists that we feel are the ones to be the most defendable in our niche. 

And it’s been 8 years since you pushed us to surpass ourselves and to question us, and that you transmit to us your energy every [weekend]. Energy without which we could not have accomplished anything. 

Concrete is a dream we would have loved to continue building at the Port of the Rapée for a few more years, but the reasons you already know will force us to stop the adventure soon. 

So we decided to take the end of this beautiful project on the weekend of 19/20 July, in our own way, with a long farewell party from Friday to Sunday night [nonstop]. 

So you have exactly one month left to come and see us one last time and to celebrate with us the end of a place where so many musical and human adventures took place that we would need an encyclopedia to list them all. 

We are not going to hide from you that we are extremely sorry and that it is very hard for us to write you this message. But we are already looking to the future, to come back stronger, with the same values, and put our experience and know-how in an even more ambitious project and on which we will strive to erase the defects that we have been criticized until today. 

So we want to see you many this weekend, and for all the weekends to 21 July! 

Feed us with your energy once again, and give us the strength and desire to continue elsewhere this dream that we started in 2011! <3