Project:Z Hosting Brand New Stage and Laser Tag


Project:Z is a festival by Insomniac where the two genres, hardstyle, and dubstep, clash together in an epic battle. Their respective brands being Basscon and Bassrush. You might have remembered their last edition back in 2017 included a third stage, Area Z. This stage was to showcase a whole new dimension of low-end manipulators. This is where you went to listen to music from riddim producers and experimental beatsmiths.

Recently on the Project:Z Instagram, Insomniac has announced that they will again be hosting a third stage, which you can see here. You can find the announcement in the comment section. However, they said this stage will not be Area Z. This leaves fans speculating as to what this brand new stage could possibly be. As for now, all we know is that it’s going to be new and, hopefully, something that will blow our minds. We have no doubt Insomniac has something special up their sleeves planned for the fans ready for the long-awaited return of Project:Z.

In addition to a brand new stage, Project:Z has also been teasing fans about having an outside stage this year for Basscon.

Apart from a brand new stage and location, they have also added a fun new event for the fans. On their social media, they announced that there will be a Laser Tag event being held at the festival. This is truly going to be the ultimate battle for brand supremacy between Basscon and Bassrush.

After all of these announcements, we sure can’t wait to finally be at Project:Z. Tickets are 90% sold out, so if you want to experience a new stage and the ultimate battle, secure your ticket now. Will we see you there? Let us know. You can also check out the full lineup here.