Rumors Spread of Ultra Singapore Cancellation, Days Before Event


Ultra Singapore is just days away but rumors are spreading that the entire event will not be happening. A text message first reported by MSNews, claims that Ultra Singapore 2019 is cancelled due to “fraudulent business practices”. As a result, all necessary building and planning of the event has supposedly halted. The event, which takes place June 8-10, would be the 6th anniversary of Ultra’s expansion to Singapore.

“Ultra Singapore 2019 is cancelled as a result of years or fraudulent business practices by the owner Alex Chew.”

The text message further claims that 17 lawsuits are pending against owner Alex Chew, proof to why the stage construction has come to a stop. Additional sources show stages being built but some believe it was stopped over a week ago. The text says Chew has either not paid vendors or paid them late, resulting in a boycott from the event. If the stage and festival area still looks incomplete by Friday, there could be validity to these claims.

To make matters worse, many fans on social media who bought tickets for the event, claim they haven’t received access to their wristbands. An official update from Ultra Singapore states e-tickets will be sent Monday, June 3rd (Today) but we haven’t heard if anyone has received further updates. In the case of the event being cancelled, fans would expect a refund for their not so cheap ticket. Let us know if you received your e-ticket or if you’re still left empty handed.

If the event were to be cancelled, vacation plans from those traveling longer distances will be ruined. Additionally, there would be questions to why ticket buyers were left in the dark, with zero updates on the event. With no response from Ultra Singapore or Alex Chew on the spreading rumors, we’ll just have to wait a couple more days to learn the fate of Ultra Singapore. We can only hope that the spreading rumors online are only rumors and that fans can enjoy this coming weekend.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the event.