Slipknot – Duality (Kill The Noise Remix)

duality - kill the noise remix

If you can believe it, Kill The Noise just released a remix for Slipknot‘s Duality! The classic track showed up on the band’s ‘Vol. 3‘ album back in 2004. With the emergence of this remix, many people’s youth is rejuvenated in a modern twist. Jake (KTN) is no stranger to metal showing up for instance, in Korn‘s discography on ‘Narcissistic Cannibal‘ with Skrillex and ‘Fuels The Comedy‘.

‘Duality’s’ remix doesn’t betray the intensity of the original track which is hard to match. Kicking off with the whispering vocals into the raspy and hushed singing, familiarity presents itself. The track instantaneously projects the drier singing layering atop, introducing earnestness. Impacts and heavily distorted synthesizers conjoin going into the spoken section bubbling the riser. Furthermore, a pre-drop section releases the tension, forcing through the guitar riff propelling into an ardent hard-hitting drop. Moreover, tearing the track backwards results in a riser presenting a positively squeamish and sharp synth driving the alternate section. Taking a break, the remix receives a prolonged moment of quietness into an ascent. Within that escalation, Jake rightfully begins to show off his tension controlling skills. In conclusion, the remix returns to a hard-hitting drop coming to a halt with the outro.

You can check out Jake’s tour schedule in the link here. For any fans of Slipknot, the band is going on the ‘We Are Not Your Kind‘ tour which you can find tickets to here. Above all, listen to Kill The Noise’s magnetic remix of Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ for yourself below!