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The Verge Covering Eric Prydz EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE

Since the announcement of Eric Prydz to reveal his Epic 6.0 Holosphere at Tomorrowland in July, fans are nothing short but eager to hear more about it. Eric Prydz unveiled a testing demo video of his Epic 6.0 Holosphere a few days ago that will feature an all-new design. In a recent twitter post from Future of Music Host, Dani Deahl, it looks like we’ll finally get a more in-depth coverage from The Verge soon!

In recent posts, Eric Prydz states that he’s been working on the Epic 6.0 holosphere for over 2-years. The Epic 6.0 looks like it will feature a mesh sphere design to display Prydz’ revolutionary 3D holographic technology. Dani Deahl’s twitter post reveals that The Verge may have had some involvement in reviewing the Epic 6.0 Holosphere during its testing phases. Being a huge tech and media network publishing platform, we can’t wait to hear and see what The Verge will cover for the Epic 6.0 Holosphere.

Eric Prydz just finished his last Holo show in Steel Yard Creamfields in London. His last Holo show featured the Epic 5.0 Cube which will be succeeded by the Epic 6.0 Sphere.

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