Want xtacy? New Paradoxical Perfume That Smells Like MDMA


MDMA smelling perfume by the name of ‘xtacy‘ is out now. Dutch officials have launched this perfume line in hopes of something bigger than smelling like last night’s mistakes.

The Netherlands is the epicenter of all things MDMA related, where the highest concentration of its pills come through. As authorities try to crack down on the behavior, it can be hard to detect its ebb and flow sometimes. That is the reason behind this interesting new fragrance. They want to spread the smell of MDMA across the country with “xtacy” so people can learn what it smells like. If they sniff out the scent among suspicious places, it could be beneficial to identifying drug factories in the neighborhood.

Producing MDMA and other synthetic drugs can release toxic substances or create gases, fires, and explosions. Hazardous waste gets generated as well and can be discharged into the ocean or nature. This poses a risk to people, animals, plants, and drinking water supply. Their tagline says “Because: XTC. There is a breath of fresh air”, and quite contrary to its belief, it may just work.

People should be on the look out for chemical odors being emitted in the air around vans, closed trailers near buildings, jerry cans, liquid containers, and buildings with taped windows. It takes a community to enforce change so why not start by becoming sniffer dogs? Normally it is distasteful to wake up and smell like last night’s shenanigans; however if it means to save more people in your country than your dance moves did last night, then it could surely be worth something.

Check out the video below on the Dutch’s latest innovation. What are your thoughts on this fragrance? Could this be something useful in the United States as well? Let us know!