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[Watch] Porter Robinson Ignites Ultra Korea With DJ Set

In Porter Robinson‘s regular fashion, the artist ignited the crowd at Ultra Korea with a DJ set. The show was facilitated through him taking over Martin Garrix‘s slot due to an ankle injury. Within a matter of minutes, Porter swapped from the Virtual Self moniker into his self-named project.

To our luck, a full recording of the set managed to surface online. Setting the stage for a bright start, he monologues over ethereal background music;

“Hey Guys! My name is Porter Robinson. I am also virtual self, and tonight was my very first time ever playing as both Virtual Self and Porter Robinson on the same stage. I just want to say I’m so so happy that I was able to do it in Korea with you guys, it was so much fun. I really think Korea is my favorite place to play, you guys give so much energy. I just want to say thank you so much, let’s have a great time.

Pads simmer as a cut from ‘Shelter‘ plays, driving into Porter’s remix of ‘The Thrill‘ and vocal chops from ‘The Mother We Share‘ by CHVRCHES. Angling from that point, edits kept on rolling in. Differentiating itself from his live shows, the DJ sets incorporate some of the music which Porter loves. Throughout, you’ll hear music from Daft Punk, RL Grime, Oliver, San Holo, Anamanaguchi, Darren Styles, Gammer, and more. Regardless of Martin’s cancellation, an edit of ‘In The Name of Love‘ was snuck in. Putting Porter Robinson’s Ultra Korea set to bed, ‘Shelter’ received its moment in full.

Prepare yourselves as Porter’s curated Second Sky Music Festival wraps around the corner. Don’t forget about the Robinson Malawi Fund which will have a booth there. You can go into more detail regarding the incredible story here!

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