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Wiwek – Curious

Wiwek released a new EP back in April of this year titled ‘CYCLES.’ Today, we’re re-visiting one of the bangers off the album, ‘Curious.’ This was released as a single and later included on the album.

This track is a collaboration with WATCH THE DUCK and it’s a festival smasher. It starts off with groovy basslines, drawing elements from house music. The basslines are accompanied by vocals that gets the crowd or listener ready for the drop. After, the drop transitions into jungle terror with loud, hard-hitting drums. Wiwek’s signature sound is jungle terror and this track brings it out in full force.

If you’re a new listener of EDM, Wiwek is a good place to start for jungle terror. He’s been keeping the sound alive in dance music. This song really just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how old a genre is, a song will still gain traction if it can smash festivals and shows.

Do you love this track? We’d love for you to tell us. You can listen to ‘Curioushere or down below.

Josue Paredes
My name's Josue Paredes. I love all genres of dance music, but more specifically, I have a heart for hard dance music. Full-time student at UCSB. Radio programmer for KCSB FM in Santa Barbara E-mail:
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