App Allows Club Goers to Vote on DJ’s Next Track


For many club DJs there is a certain amount dread that comes with requested songs from the crowd. However, a startup company in Toronto is developing an app called PSLY that takes the guesswork out of what the club wants to hear and letting the people vote on what’s next.

The app let’s club attendees vote on which song the DJ should play next during their set. App users are also able to pick a song from their own music library to suggest.

Right now PSLY is available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free. The concept was first tested in June at Toronto’s Love Child Social House.

The popularity of the app has led to Toronto nightclub Figures to make it a staple at the venue. Every Friday night club goers can set the vibes by requesting songs on the PSLY app.

The creators of the app told blogTO that they want to help people “control the vibe” in Toronto.

It comes as no surprise that some DJs would vote against the app. Active club goers and DJs understand the importance of a well-curated set and apps like this detract from the artistry.

PSLY is working on other applications for the technology. In addition to clubs the app can be utilized at weddings, corporate gatherings and even proms.

While the app is a new, fun and creative concept, it’s unlikely that this will disrupt the natural flow of club DJs and their craftsmanship of a well-thought-out performance.