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Area 51 Raid Earns Official Theme Song – ‘They Can’t Stop Us All’

Just yesterday, Matty Roberts, the master-mind behind the Area 51 raid, revealed his upgraded plan for a rave on-location. Whether the rave is in addition to the raid that was originally proposed, we’ll just have to wait and find out. Maybe some music would be the perfect conclusion or warmup after spending hours in the desert. All we know, is that a rave is a much safer (and logical) event for the nearly 3.3 million people categorized as going or interested in the event on Facebook.

With September 20th quickly approaching, the possibility of a festival is becoming a reality. Now, we have an official theme song! Just today, it was reported that Nashville-based dubstep duo Finderz Keeperz has released the official theme song for the event. Fittingly titled ‘They Can’t Stop Us All’, the track might be what we needed to motivate those skeptical of making the trip to Nevada.

Still, many see this as the perfect song to blast as they ‘raid’ the secret military base. Roberts insists that the ‘raid’ concept is all a joke and that he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if he can pull off a festival in less than 3 months! Could this be the next big festival to take over popular events like Coachella, EDC, and Tomorrowland? The theme song can be found on the official ‘Storm Area 51’ website found here and on Soundcloud.

Lastly, let us know what you think of the track and if you’d travel to rave at Area 51.

Finderz Keeperz – They Can’t Stop Us All

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