Area 51 Rave May Spawn From Raid-Gone-Viral.


It may be time for you DJ’s to dust off your copies of Hardwell‘s ‘Area 51 and drop some remixes. The Storm Area 51 Facebook event has gone fully viral so, creator Matty Roberts is considering capitalizing on its popularity. With 3.3 million people either going or interested, that’s probably not a bad idea. Those numbers would crush Tomorrowland and Ultra combined. Moreover, it could turn a satirical raid-event into an Area 51 rave reality.

Lets see them aliens.” That’s the last line in the details for the event and it couldn’t be more fitting in this story. We just might be seeing some aliens if Roberts actually makes this rave happen. After 9 million views on his Facebook event, that’s all but a forgone conclusion. Certainly, like at any rave, the alien costumes would be in full effect for this one. Seemingly, there’s already interest from several bands about being part of the event. Speaking to WWNYTV 7 News about the possibility of an Area 51 rave, Roberts mentions this topic.

Matty Roberts, creator of the Raid Area 51 Facebook event, is exploring the possibility of an Area 51 rave.

“I’ve had a lot of people DM’ing the page saying their bands want to play there, which would be super cool…”

In the interview, he expresses that he’s even reaching out to hotels in the area about their availability. Indeed, when the topic of logistics comes up, things are getting serious. However, there seem to be some roadblocks for throwing the rave on September 20th, the scheduled day of the raid.

Many Obstacles to Overcome

First, the event date is terribly close. At under two months, he’d be hard-pressed putting together an event of any notable size within that timeframe. Especially if he lacks any event planning experience. Even the most veteran event coordinators have their trials and tribulations. Secondly, he confirms in the interview that hotels in the area are already pretty much sold out. That poses a major logistical problem for an Area 51 rave. Without support from hotels to accommodate attendees, all accommodations would fall upon the event itself. That, in and of itself would be a major undertaking. Lastly, Imagine Festival falls on that same weekend. Let’s be honest, who’s picking this over Imagine?

Only time will tell if Matty Roberts can go from viral to virtuoso. While the odds may be stacked against him, he has almost 4 million people waiting for him to make moves. That kind of following is definitely not something to be wasted. Be on the lookout out for more Area 51 rave news as it becomes available. Watch the ABC News interview below and “Naruto run” over to the Storm Area 51 website too.