ATTLAS Embraces A Sincere Conversation On Storyline 3


Fans have patiently been waiting, and the time has come. Jeff ‘ATTLAS’ Hartford has finally delivered Storyline 3, and it was certainly worth the wait. The mix series bands together Jeff’s passion for music and film in a harmonious and unique fashion. Throughout the series, you’ll hear dialogue snippets setting the scenes and mood carried by the songs. Upon release, the Mau5trap artist tweeted the announcement with a few words on what this body of work reflects.

Storyline 3 is an ongoing conversation with who I am, who you are and who we are.

Expressing the ideas portrayed within the Storyline and elaborating on them would be a disservice to the experience. We urge you to take the time to listen and pay attention with your own ears and extrapolate what you may. Across the timespan of an hour and some change, ATTLAS forges many edits and mashups that bring the story to life. Without spoiling too much, expect to hear Nils Frahm, Ben Böhmer, Rival Consoles, and many more artists’ music. Taking that into consideration, each previous Storyline also feels like an essential piece of listening. This series seems to stand the tests of time asserting its significance as a part of the producer’s project.

Dating back a couple of months, ATTLAS won DJ Mag‘s Best of North America breakthrough DJ award. When the announcement came around, he assured fans that there’s more than Storyline down the pipeline. The artist mentioned being on the last 5% of his album, so we’ll be waiting for news on that.

To top that off, ATTLAS was announced as a support on September 25 during the deadmau5 Cubev3 tour at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. If you’re looking to catch one of his shows or catch up on music, you can visit his website here.

Listen to the mesmerizing Storyline 3 by ATTLAS below!

ATTLAS – Storyline 3